Thursday, October 2, 2008

One day in Genting..

This is a late update...
On the first day of the Raya, my parents had decided to bring us to Genting..
i think the whole trip was ok because i have been to Genting for so many times..
Well i think it will be funnier if i go with my friends..

We took quite a number of photos in the themepark..
Don't know why...
But i only posted a few because my connection is very slow....
So let the pictures tell the story....

Me and “雪小妹”
Me and “雪二妹”

standing in front of the trishaw

This was taken on the merry-go-round

I missed those days when my parents always bring me for this ride.

When we walked to our car, I saw this magnificent view and took a picture of it.

That's for all..
I will upload more pictures if i have time...
AH!!!!!I still have mood to play even finals is around the corner.

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