Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Past

There's another four days till my next paper,
so i guess it's ok for me to update my blog since it has been abandoned for quite a while..

i watched high school musical 3 today...
It was ok..but it did bring back a lot of memories to me..
the movie is basically talking about how the teens are going to make choices after they graduated which resembled what i've been through last year..

Time really flies.
Without myself( perhaps most of us) realizing.. It's already one year since our graduation..
I still remember how everyone of us was holding a camera in our hand and took pictures at all times with everyone...
And how i cried on the graduation day..

And i still remember those days that we had spent together studying for SPM.. prom, trips, gatherings...and a lot more..
We did a lot of things together and all these remain vivid in my mind..

May be you will say:" come on, life still goes on. so just keep moving.."
I know.. i've heard this for a millions of times...haha..

i don't know why but right after the movie was over, a sudden emo struck me...
I started to remember all the high school stuff...
remember the ways we joke with the teachers and how their responses were..
I also thought of the birthday song that had become the trademark of our class..
and the "mourning session for the 911".....etc...
Our class book....the best present for our graduation..

The time we had spent in editorial board, eating, playing, having fun, rushing the assignments and those datelines on the whiteboard...
I missed those a lot...

My favourite part of the movie is when Troy Bolton said this:" Once a wild cat, always a wildcat"
As for me...: "Once a CHSians, always a CHSians"

I miss you guys...
If anyone would ask me which part of your life is the best...
I will definitely say:" HIGH SCHOOL!"

suat wei

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