Friday, October 10, 2008


Sometimes right, i feel that it's better if we comment and talk less.
Because maybe sometimes you don't really mean it, some people might feel offended or something
and they might start leaving you behind.
They might dislike you or something like that.
Sometimes i wished that i coiuld be like Peter Pan.
Being a kid forever as I don't have to be borthered by all the social thing.
I am so lucky that no one hates me right now.
If there is, i think I will feel damn sad..
I mean if you don't like will tend to be further away from that person right..
So yeah..sometimes I will just feel sad for those who are disliked by the others..
Now i know that I am fortunate enough to have a bunch of friends who love me and care for me..(I don't know whether there's anybody who dislikes me.)
but I am really grateful that I am blessed with all this.

Li May, Pui Yee, Shereena, Hsien Ming and Sue Wei who are my besties now in college.
All the fun moments we had together will always remain in memory.
And wen zhen, yi ping, yee hooi, jie hui, xiu tao, boon, jit teng, wen yau, tee jin, jia yi, chee yuen, ying yang, lok mun, jing hooi, zhen xiang, shu qin, suet lynn, jing xin and many more who care and always be there for me...
you guys are the best.
Though it's harder for us to meet up or catch up with each other
I still feel that we are somehow bonded.
My lovely s5, the fun pm 12..
i am glad that I've the chance to know you guys.
You guys are truely fabulous.
Everything listed in the post is the most sincere expression from my heart.
You can consider this as an emo post..
i am really blessed.

Have a nice day:)

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PureViLmay said...

hmm, i think right, we should say what we think and how we feel (making comments). We shouldnt be afraid that we might be offending someone or anything like that, cause i mean, things left unsaid even worse than saying it. (im sorta referring to certain circumstances, obviously)

kinda creates a bridge between two people. its like you're treading on water around the person, and somehow, i dont think you can really be close with someone if its like that.

So anyway, just here to say, you can tell me aaaanything, you can maaake aaaany comments you want to. And if it offends me, i'll tell you and then poke you. OHOHOHOHOHO!

Me loves you! *hugs* x)

MAH CLOSEST CLOSEST friend in college *love love love* hahaha

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