Friday, March 28, 2008

Tagged again...

Since I have time and temporarily have nothing to do.....
So i've decided to do the tag......

First Name
Suat Wei

Sharon *i bet not many ppl know about this**xoxo*

Name you wish you had
I appreciate the name that my parents have given to me

What do people normally mistake your name as
The pronounciation of "suat"

12th of February 1990

Pantai Hospital, Bangsar

Time of Birth
Around 8.30 p.m

Single or Taken
Single [I very good girl]*^.^*

Zodiac Sign

-Your Appearance-
How tall are you
168 cm [wish that i am taller]*blek*

Wish you were taller
Yup. Ideal height = 172 cm

Eye colour

Eye colour you want
Hazel [but i still like my eyes]

Natural hair colour
Dark brown

Current hair colour
I love my hair colour!!

Short or long hair
I will never cut my hair short

Ever dye your hair a bizarre colour
I've never done anything to my hair

Last time you did some dramatic with your hair
The only time was i curled my hair temporarily for prom.

Glasses or contacts
I wear glasses most of the time but i wear contacts too [do i look better in glasses or contacts?]

Do you wear make up
Yup but only when i go out and during occasions

Ever had hair extensions

Paint your nails

-In The Opposite Gender-
What colour eyes
Any colour as long it is normal and suits him

What colour hair
Any colour that suits him but not too much

Shy or outgoing
Must be outgoing and humourous

Looks or personality
Can i have both....but personality more lah

Sexy or cute
is good looking consider cute or sexy?

Serious or fun
Both but be serious when it's time to be serious

older or younger than you
same age or older

A turn on
Show his care towards me

A turn off
Behaving childishly and insane....I really can't take it

Flowers or Chocolate

Pepsi or Coke
I don't like sweet drinks

Rap or rock
Can i choose classical and R&B?

Relationship or One night stand

School or Work

Love or money
Love is more important [but money also important]

Movies or Music
Music is my passion

Country or City
I am a typical city girl:)

Sunny or Rainy days
Sunny Days

Friends or Family
Both...I can't live without them[Touched?]

-Have You Ever-
Yes... *guilty*

Stole something

I hate ppl who smoke...So i will never smoke

Hurt someone close to you
I guess...a lot of times*sobs*

Broke someone's heart
I guess i did...sry for that too

Had your heart broken
Yes...twice..the third time is coming soon

Wondered what was wrong with you

Wish you were a prince or princess
No..i want to live a normal life

Liked someone who was taken
Yes...but it is history adeee

Shaved your head
Never in my life

Been in love
Is liking someone being considered as being in love?

Used chopsticks
I am pure Chinese...of course i do

Sang in the mirror to yourself
I am not crazy so no


I am addicted to Chocofulus

Utada Hikaru's First Love

Estee Lauder's Pleasure

White, gold, silver blue, black

Drink Drank Drunk[starred by Daniel Wu and Miriam Yeung]


Aiya, Aiyo, Yer, Why like that one

Junk Food

My blog

My room

Puppy and cute animals

Ever cried over someone
Lotsa time*paiseh*

Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself
All my weaknesses

Do you think you are attractive
ppl want to be confident mah so YES I AM *smile*

If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose
I will just be myself

Do you play sports
seldom now

The rules:-
Link to your tagger and post these rules.
List 8 random facts about yourself and tag 8 ppl

1. I have a pillow which is 14 years old.
2. I like wearing heels.
3. I have accessories filling up my hold drawer.
4. I have three bears on my bed and accompany me to sleep evernight.
5. When I go to toilet in the middle of the night, I don't dare to look at the mirror.
6. I am superstitious.
7. I believe that bad guy will always pay for what they have done.
8. I really love myself and wanted to be loved as well.

I am not going to tag anyone since most of the ppl probably done it...
So i finished the tag dee...

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