Friday, June 19, 2009


Sometimes, I just feel that I am really lucky to be brought to this earth.
Living in a caring yet loving family.
We are not rich, but we are happy.
Although sometimes there might be fights, arguements and misunderstanding,
all these will not stop me from loving you guys.

Everyone has a dream.
And I believe that you have one too.
A big dream.
However, you are so noble.
You are willing to let it go just because of us.
I am so touched.
I wouldn't know whether I would do the same thing for you.

When I grow up, I will make sure that I care for you.
I will always hold my words.
I will always make you happy.

I know you did this because you love us.
Well, I just want to tell you,

I am lucky to have you.

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