Monday, June 15, 2009


HEY!! I am back. Ah ....A-levels is finally over.... But I am starting uni in one month time..s i will try my very best to have fun!!

So now i come back by bringing you photos from the prom. The lighting over there was not good so the photos taken are not that nice.

I look prettier in real life XD

Enjoy the pics!!!

Toilet photo.
From left: Ee Ling, Me, Sam, Pui Yee, Li May

From left: Sam, Pui Yee, Me, Shu Ling( she looked like a bride!), Li May, Ee Ling, Chye Ling, Sam Heng

Sam: Look at my face! lol

The concentrating me:)

And The smiing me:)

Chee Yuen and Me:)

Miss Tan, you have a nice belly XP
From left: Me, Pui Yee, Li May, Miss Tan, Shereena, Sue Jinn, Chye Ling, Ee Ling, Sam Chin and Sam Heng

Us again!
From top left: Me, Hsien Ming, Shu Ling
From bottom left: Li May, Shereena, Pui Yee

From left: Li May, Miss Lena, Me.
Ms. Lena asked me to bend down a bit o that she won't look

From left: Shu Ling, Me, Sue Wei, Sam, Ann Shien, Ee Ling

Max and Me

Cheng Chun and Me.
We failed to get a nice photo at first...:)

I like this photo:)

That's all for now. i will upload more when i get from my friend...
And photos from sunway lagoon too:)

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