Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Day Out

I am planning to cut my hair today..
But i didn't due to some reasons..

Therefore, i will go to mid valley again tomorrow to cut my hair...
Well, It woudn't be much difference as my hair will just be shorter...Haha..

But ther is something that I am proud of myself....
and park my car safely...

Then, in the afternoon my sister want to go to supermarket to buy mango...
for KH class i think..
They want to make fruit tart..
So Me, the driver,
Drove her out..
Then in the supermarket,
It was so funny...
Coz we seldom go to supermarket,
So ended up us asking each other:

My sister: "Sis, is this expensive ah?"
Me:"i don't know leh..I didn't know the price also...simply buy lah."
My sister: "Want to call mommy or not?"
Me:"Anything lah..."

Then at the moment i took out my phone, it rang...*scare me look*
I passed it to my sister.

My sister:"Ma, is RM x.xx for mango expensive?" "em, ok..."*hung up phone*
Me:" what did mommy said?
My sister:"She said help her to buy ginger also..."
Me:" ok"

Then we walked around to find ginger. Then my sis said that she want to buy snack.. Then ok loh.
After that, we paid and left.

Reached home...
My mom looked at the things we bought...
My mom:" Not bad wor..know how to buy stuff" "Good Good....next time we have another driver dee"

=.=" that's me....

Hopefully that i will be able to cut my hair tomorrow...

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