Friday, April 25, 2008


Well, I know that i haven't blog for a while.....
Sorry...Busy with work....
The following is a random update so enjoy...

The following is based on economics theory....

There will never be opportunity cost existing in our friendship,
for i will never sacrifice it to gain other things.

Friendship is like the demand and supply curve,
You demand, I supply,
for I will always be there for you.

Our friendship is experiencing inflation,
for our frienship keeps increasing in value,
and the value of money is too small to buy it.

The price elastic demand(PED) for our friendship is always perfectly inelastic,
for there are no substitute at all.

Our friendship is like the increasing exchange rate,
for it is highly-valued,
and i will rather keep it than sell it.

Friendship is like the specialization in international trade,
for the special ones will double up my happiness and reduce my sadness.

Friendship is like the consumer surplus,
for I am willing to pay a lot extra for it.

Well if you don't understand what I am writing,
for you only need to know that I care for you friend.

If there are any mistakes in the theory written above,
this shows that the writer has not study enough for the particular subject.
So I just want to say...IT"S TIME FOR STUDY!!!!!!!!!!

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