Friday, January 1, 2010

The first post of 2010...

Since this is the first post forthe year 2010,
I shall list down my resolutions:)
1. Getting all HDs in all my exams:)
2. My application for the exchange programme will be successful
3. Get a surprise party for my 20th birthday. :D *hint hint*
4. May all my family members and friends blessed with good health.
5. Get a netbook before I depart to Aussie.
6. Get my dream phone-N97
7. Read at least 5 books. ( I have only read three books last year not including textbook..OMG)
8. Be a good girl and try not to be rebellious
9. More gatherings with old friends:D
10. Last but not least: Give me a BF pls:)
This is the my Top 10 list^^
I hope that I could fulfill at least half of it haha..
Lastly, Happy New Year!!!

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