Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dumpling day^^

Mom made dumplings today.
I didn't join because I don't know how to do..haha..

The dumplings are very yummy:)

I think I have to start to learn how to cook.
It's just so wrong that a big girl like me doesn't know how to cook. Haha

Mom always said that你一点都没有女孩的样子。什么都不会。
haha...So yea..she meant that I failed to be a GIRL. LOL

Life has been very relaxing.
Now I miss those days in which I rushed for assignments haha.. Weirdo.

That's all for now^^

1 comment:

xinyin said...

lolx...babe, here too..i wish to go bac univ asap la!! missyou

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