Sunday, September 6, 2009


Hello fellow readers, sorry for not updating my blog in ages.
Haha. If you have read my plurk and msn persona message, then you will know that I am super duper busy nowadays.
Thanks to the never ending assignments. T.T

For the whole week, I haven't been sleeping well. olted awake in the middle of the night after dreaming myself doing the unfinished assignments.
I never know that Uni is so stressed. Often I heard ppl saying that Uni life is one of the most enjoyable time.

Well, it's only true when it comes to activities.
But Exams and Assignments, they are never fun. I am damn stressed up k?!
I've never really experienced that in my previous study life.
Well, guess it's a kickstart to my future career life.

I am strong and I will adapt to it real soon.
This is a promise to myself:)

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