Saturday, August 22, 2009

A happening day:)

Yesterday, I skipped economics class to attend the Taylor's Award Ceremony:-o
Evrything was fine except that I DIDN'T receive the RM 300 like last year:(
Then after the ceremony, I went to CHS to meet Jit Teng and the rest. We went to Amcorp Mall to buy presents.:)
The Yum Cha session was great:)
After that, I went back to Monash to pass up my assignment.
At first, I was so panic because I forgot the name to save my document so taht I can send it to my tutor.
So I called all my friends and no one picked up..In the end, I managed to contact Xin yin. Phew....and then later on Alice also gave me assistance.
After that, Shu Ling drove me to her home to attend her party.
The whole thing was awesome:)

Pics will be uploaded soon or you can view it in facebook:)

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