Monday, August 3, 2009

Orientation Bash

Monash is being so kind to organise a free trip for us to Port Dickson!
I had so much fun there.

Well, the only thing that I have to pay is that my whole bady ache after I came back from this event.

Others were fantastic

Melanie, Me, Xin Yin, Pik Wen

Jiang May, Pik Wen, Gemma, Me

Pik Wen, Me


I had been under the hot sun for more than 5 hours and I were paying all the games so hard that the next day I woke up with my whole body ached.

And I still have to sit in front of my laptop to finish my assignment..

Well, I manage to finish it:)
Hopefully, there will be more interesting events coming up

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