Saturday, August 8, 2009


I am sure that you guys can guess what I am going to post here.:)
Yea, I went to shop again yesterday, with my dear mommy.
It took me so long to just find a right shop to shop.
Initially, we walked to Isetan at The Gardens as it is the member's day sales.
We walked for like an hour and I still didn't manage to get anything:(
So, we returned to Mid Valley. We came across the ELLE shop and I pulled my mom in.
Sometimes, I believe that if we have fouund the right shop, shopping can be made in a very short time.
I was done shopping in half an hour and I managed to buy a few pieces of apparels.
I was really happy at that

Hope that there will be next shopping trip.:)

I love to go out with my mom because everything will be free for me:)


xinyin said...

Lolx...i think really nid to plan 1 day and go shopping with u la...wahaha

hazel eyes honey said...

since you love shopping so muchh, you should do online shopping! it's much convenient and affordable definitely ;)

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