Saturday, September 26, 2009

Monash Ball 2009- V.O.G.U.E

Yesterday was Monash Ball 2009.
It was really grand as there were many outstanding performers.
And they managed to get the dance floor heatedd
Yesterday, after our Microecononics class,
Four of us, Me, xin yin, grace and alice plus Ritchie went to Grace's house to prepare.
At around 2 something, we went to Grace's bro's salon to get our hair done:)
After that we went back to the house to start changing and make up.
The whole event was awesome. Seriously.
Below are some pics that I grab from Ian. Enjoy. I will upload more:)
Me, Pik Wen, Melanie

Me, Ian.
(Camwhore attempt was succeeded)

Jay Rick, Sheng Yeong, Alice, Grace, Ritchie,Ian, Me, Xin Yin, Dion

Me, Ian.
I looked so
you know, like those ppl modelling cheongsam

Sheng Yeong, Tung, Grace, Xin Yin, Me, Ian, Dion

Grace, Xin Yin, Me, Ian

Grace, Me, Ian, Xin Yin, Alice, Tahir

Tahir, Xin Yin, Julius(Incoming president of MUSA),Me, Sheng Yeong

Ian, Me

Ian, Me, Tahir

Xin Yin, Me, SiYing, Magan, Audrey

That's all for now..
Photo credit to Ian:)

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