Monday, July 13, 2009

So today is the day.
The "long"-awaited orientation day is here.
Due to my sisters' schedule, I reached the uni at 7 am.
That's super early k?
So I waited there ALONE.
It's super scary loh because there's no one. Only the guards walking around.

7.30 am.
Building 2 was finally opened.
I walked in and sat at the lobby.
2 boys and 1 girl walked in and we started chatting.
At around 9, the girl and I registered and met with my ex classmates and we headed to the auditorium.
It was ok in the aud. It's just that the ang mah chancellor talked damn fast weh. Hardly heard what was he saying.
Then following was all the speeches.
There's one Indian speaker..Very funny. At least he managed to make everyone alive. Lol.

After spending our time in the auditorium, Xin Yin and I grabbed our food at the cafeteria.
The cafeteria is better than that one in Taylor's but still the choices are very limited.
How am I going to survive 3 years here?:(

Later, we lined up to register for the trip which is organised especially for new students. FOR FREE.:) while lining up, met a few friends and made new friends as well.
Then we moved on by playing games and I won a small price:)

A good way to start my new life:)
Tomorrow will be a hectic day for the schedule is from 9-5.
See ya ppl:)

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