Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I went for shopping today at mid valley with mom(my
I bought quite a number of stuff
From top to bottom, and accessories:)
Due to the members' card day organised by JUSCO,
we had to reach mv so early in order to secure a parking place.
And in JUSCO, there are freaking lots of ppl.
Especially the marketplace.
I saw a lot of aunties and uncles lining up with a trolley..haha
We went to the apparel department instead of the supermarket.
Bought quite a lot of stuff.
One thing that I have to say is that the fragrance that I bought is worth every pence.
It's only RM 129 for the big bottle.
Hugo Boss some more...
Beside Jusco, I also went to Robinsons and Isetan And Fiorucci:)
These are what I have for today:




My Hugo Boss EDP

I had a super satisfied day. XD

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