Thursday, April 16, 2009

Weird dream

I had a weird dream yesterday.

I was having my lunch in some cafe and suddenly a bunch of ppl caught me and dragged me to a weird place.

Then, I got locked into a place in which one side of the cage was exposed to ferocious animals. that time, i thought that i was in some kind of action movies in which I had to rescue myself and also other ppl.

Well, in the cage, when the animals were approaching us, we couldnt move because the animals were sensitive to any movement. lol
Then we lived in this kind of condition for like a week. Then, we managed to kill all the animals and escaped. lol. weird right.

Of course there will be some love story involved. Kinda cool right? i mean in such condition , you are still managed to find your true

My mind must have gone wrong to have such dream. Too fantasy already. I just feel funny when i thought of it.

Well, it's good to have some out-of-reality dream sometimes, don't you think so?

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浪客 said...

Haha.. wont weird la! It's a extremely cool dream! xD Lasttime i always dream of all this adventure dreams, its very fun and excited all the time, some even horror, mayb i think too much d =p 脑袋开始脱离现实了。

I found i learn alot through dreams, cuz some of it like giving me certain vision of my mind or themes in stories.. ( and its not bad to being love by ppl in dream LOL )

You ah, sha sha de, haha..
But if can give a dream to our life, why not?
i choose to dream on..

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