Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's just very heart-warming.

Right after i got back my laptop,
I've been online for the longest time ever. LOL

I've chatted with a few best friends of mine and I am really happy that our relationship are still good and close like last time.

Especially at late night, when I know that there are ppl who are still online.
We talked about a lot of stuff. From craps to serious stuffs. But all of them mean the same to me.

I must admit that I communicate with ppl better in the virtual world than real life.
In real life, I just don't know how to express myself well.
If I get to choose, I prefer to be the one sitting in front of the PC.
In real life, i am a good listener but not a good speaker.
Often, I can't tell others what I really want.

Anyway, I am improving right now.
Hopefully, I will be better.

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浪客 said...

Its okay that you couldn't express well, just try to open your heart slowly, we are all waitin for you, right? haha.. relax, just do your best, dont push yourself too hard.
And yeah, its great to found that our friends are still so good and close with each other.
Beside that, really enjoying every moment talked to you during late night, haha..

Not everyone know how to express themselves since small.. its alright, just try to be honest to yourself. ^^

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