Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I am back..

Hello everyone, how are you guys recently?
I really miss everyone of you.

I just had my trials two weeks ago and I don't think I did very well.
Haiz...I thought i've studied enough.
Too bad, I was wrong.
I know that I need to study a lot more.

Let's get going suat wei!!!

Yesterday, I went McD with mom.
While we were enjying our delicious meal, a Malay woman said:
"Kak, minuman ini extra, kak mau tak?"
initialy my mom said no. Then the woman was very friendly and keep saying nevermind, you can have it.
So my mom just take it. Then chit-chtted with her. My mom is very good in this kind of social thing..lol

So those big ppl always said that our country is not integrated.
But in my opinion, I think that they are the one who cause all these.
I don't think what they've said reflect the true situation.

There's one message that I want to send to them.
Put down yourself and listen to us.
This is the true definition of democracy.

That's all for this short update.

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