Thursday, April 16, 2009

Old photos. Penang trip.

Since I was bored and I am not up to anything, I will just upload some photos.

At botanical garden:

Look at the monkey, it was trying to drink from the can. Lol. Super cute.

This is me, trying to hug the big big tree

Me and my sisters. Weird pose. Lol

Tuh Tuh train.

My dear daddy.

I know that I am prettier ah..XP

Pretty garden. I love flowers.:)

Me and the bonsai.

Mom, me and dad.

At the first hotel room:

The sea view.

We changed to the second hotel because mom thought that this hotel is not good enough.

I just woke up. LOL. Look at my panda eyes.

At Kek Lok Si:

That's all for the moment. :)

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