Monday, December 28, 2009

On the 27th of DEC...

As all other usual Sundays,
the whole family went to Mid Valley for a chiling session. (dinner, drink, etc)
If I am not mistaken, this would be mine fourth visit to MV consecutively for the week.
Mid Valley really has to thank me for my
economic contribution. (Parkings, Shopping, Movies, etc)
So, we had our dinner at Fong Lye Restaurant @ The Gardens, which sells taiwanese food.

Me taking pic while waiting for our food.

Random shot by sis

The fried chicken was not bad

after dinner, we headed to mid valley

On the bridge connecting The Gardens and Mid Valley:)
I love this bridge a lot, which I do not know why.
Then, we took some pics at the centre point.
This year's decoration is ok.
Somehow it reminds me of Harry Potter. haha
I personally prefer the white christmas one.
It was the best for me:)

Then when the clock struck 8, there was a performance.
I was lucky enough as this was the last performance.

I like their costumes a lot.
Fancy and exaggerate:)
Most importantly, they BLING!!!

Pretty dancers performing^^

This ballerina is good.:)

My christmas for every year is quiet and peaceful.
The things that I do the most are watching performances and SHOPPING.. Haha
New Year is coming REALLY soon. Looks like it's time for new resolutions.
I gotta list out my wishes and resolutions soon!

p.s: I went to Monash today and the advisor said that
I can only exchange to Caulfield campus.
Really hope that I could make it:)

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