Thursday, March 12, 2009

Here I am

So here I am,

using computer and plurk early in the morning at the library.

Recently, I am very lazy.

And in fact the trials is coming REALLY SOON!!!

Omg, I am so dead.

I always wonder.

Where is all my passions?

Now everything seems to be not important anymore.

I only know how to have fun.

I really don't want to disappoint my parents.


ok. going to class now.


1 comment:

浪客 said...

i almost every morning plurk also saw your plurk one, mayb thats wad a plurk nivarna do. ^^
smtime just feel happy when you plurking too, cuz knowing that im not alone.

There always time we feel lazy doesnt it? take a rest and walk again, try not to pushing yourself too hard. Physically you might feel you very lazy and relax but you are very pressure in your heart, you get what i mean right? when really tired and lack of passion.. let down everything, 放心的休息一会儿,好不好?^^ haha..

Don't worry, your parents will proud of you some day, you are much more better than many other teenagers nowaday adi, much more better than me doesn't it?
So, just walk on with your faith, i do believe in you.

take care..
Always remember what i say, you are not the only one who feel all this, just that you are the first one who wrote it out here..

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