Monday, March 9, 2009


My day is started in a very undelightful way.
This is a prob with my neighbour.
I don't know how to explain the misunderstanding behind all this. It's a long story.

But this morning, whe my mom was out there hanging clothes, the stupid fellow next door started calling my mom bitch.
Then my mom fought back of course, and went back into the house.
Then that fellow waited until my dad came home.
A whole bunch of them walked to the gate of my house and started scolding.

They even video it.
So I asked my sister to take our hp and recorded too.
We had some sort of arguement out there. And they threathened to slap us. wtf.
Then my mom decided to just report police.
So I went to the police station with my mom.

There, i showed the police the video and gave statement.
The police even shoke his head and said" saya pun tak boleh tahan"

Half an hour later, two police officers came and talked to the fellow next door.
The son went with the police.

Then later on, the police called up and told my mom that the fellow promise not to quarrel with us anymore. Padan muka.

So now at last peace is restored.
But for how long, I don't know.

p.s: My image spoilt dee lah..

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