Monday, February 16, 2009

How could I ever resist all these?

How nice if I have a body which can carry the clothes well and nice.
The sad thing is that my body is not in a good proportion.
I don't mean that I must have perfect body.
I just need to slim down.
I always tell myself that my body line is just curvy(although it's fats)
Well, you might think that I am vain or anything,
But who wouldn't want to be beautiful?
THe thing is that I eat normal food with normal calories.
While my two thin sis eat a lot more than me,
and they just won't get fat...
They can eat as much as they want.
haiz, hopefully I will be able to lose some weight soon
This is a grumpy post....;(

1 comment:

~Turkey~ said... worries..^^ to me you have a great body ^^

seriously =D now pick up the confidence and get a boyfriend ^^

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