Thursday, February 12, 2009

The 19th...

Finally, the long awaited day has come.

Yesterday, at around 10.30, KC called me.
I was quite surprised as normally he will just msg me.
Thank you so much friend. You are the best friend I could ever have.
No matter what problems I have, you will always be a good listener and cheer me up.
And I know that my secrets are always safe with you.
I really don't know how life's like without you friend.
May our friendship has no expiry date. LOL;)

After that I placed my phone on the table and went to bed.
At around middle of the night, I heard familiar tones ringing.
I was very blur at that time and I decided to ignore the tones.
But then, after a while the same tone rang again.
I reached my phone with my eyes half closed..Lol
Then I read msgs from boon, li may and jit teng.
I was quite happy at that time..haha.. Then because I couldn't sleep after I woke up,
I stayed awake till around 2.
Consecutively, i received msg from yi ping, wooi joe, chee yuen, jyh ling.

Oh ya, Jie Hui called me. Thank you so much guys.
You guys are awesome.

Then today, i received msgs from Jing Xin, Shereena, cousin, YY, Guan Huan and Chin Jun.

Later then, at my first break, my friends bought me a lovely cake. *hugs*. It's really pretty.
Then we camwhore a little.
Oh yeah, my bestie Li May gave me a puzzle and a pair of earrings. The puzzle is actually made up photos that we took together at random times and places. LOL.
This is the best present I've ever had. THANK YOU LI MAY. LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

After college, chee yuen, jia yi and zhen xiang celebrated for me. First time having three cakes on my birthday. :) THANK YOU AGAIN.
Then I went home later.

I was quite surprised to got a present from boon, jit teng and lok mun.
Thank you so much.
The present is pretty..:)

I have an awesome day today, although there's slight disappointment, I still want to thank everyone. You have made my day bright.

P/S: Although someone ffk, it's ok. but i am curious...
This post is fulled of "thank you"
经过了今天,我终于都死心了, 我们真的只是很普通的朋友而已。

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