Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I am still me

Why don't you give the trust in me?
Why can't you let me do things that other kids are doing?
Everytime i try to explain or defend myself, you would say that, "stop being rebellious, you are still young, what do you know about life?"

Well may be in your era, things worked this way.
But let me tell you now, the world has changed.
Don't you know this phrase?
" Change is the only constant thing in life?"
Please set your mind now.
Renew the info or whatever you are having now.
Ppl do change.
i am not the little kid who will only depends on you solely for her life.
I have other things to consider in my life.
How long would you be with me?
20 yrs, 30 yrs?
Definitely not forever.

I am not rebellious at all.
I am just trying to tell you how'd i feel.
Being "supervised" 24 hrs by you.

What make you feel that I am not the same old me?

You had been a young lady before, why don't you try to understand me?

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浪客 said...

别那么伤心,老实说啊,我当年 form3 时,就开始和妈妈吵了。说什么自由啊,我自己的思想生活啊之类的,吵得天翻地覆,一整年来没有一天安宁开心。
慢慢来,孩子是教会家长如何是好的最好 adviser。 也许你会觉得他们不会明白吧?也许你会很辛苦,但别放弃,再给些耐性,你是你妹妹们的明灯哦!

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