Monday, January 12, 2009


i loves surprises,
i don't know why.

i always hope that there will be a surprise waiting for me.

My first ever surprise was in form 5,
When Jie hui handed me a birthday card on my big day.
I was truly touched at that moment.
I thank her.
May be it was the only word i could think of at that time.

Then the second surprise.
My college mates bought me a cake on my big day.
First time ever, I had two cakes for my day.
And of course, the cards that I've received.
Thank you so much.

I always wish that my parents could give me surprises.
may be a party or what..
Haha..but they always tell me what they are going to do...
But i am glad too..
At least I am someone that they will be truthful to..
Being honest to me all the time.

Oh, and my friends.

I am so blessed.

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