Friday, January 2, 2009


I dislike ppl who do not keep their promises.
If you can't do it, pls don't promise me.

But if you did, I hope that you can do what you have said.
I trust you.

I know that it's for my own good.
Yeah, of course i know.
I am 18 this year, going to be 19.
So what, I am not doing stuff that a 18-year-old teenage girl should do.
I have been listening to you for all this while, isn't that enough.
But yet, sometimes you just wanted more, you expect me to be your puppet.
Do whatever you want me to do, and let you control my life.
Alright, I will let it be, coz I am still happy with what I am having right now.
But what if there is one day when I don't want to follow every wish of yours anymore?
Will you be mad at me? or will you just let it be?
I really don't know.
I am very unsure of what I am doing.
I am afraid that whatever you are doing to me will destroy me.
I hope that that day will not come.


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