Thursday, November 20, 2008

Visiting my his office

Today me and my sisters decided to surprise my dad by going to his office.
Ended up my mom told him that we were going. =.=
When i reached there, my dad was checking all the reports and accounts. And there's A LOT!
Thicker than all the A levels book.

Then I helped my dad to do some stuff and work.
Tell you a secret. My dad is not so good at computers. Luckily he is a senior and doesn't need to do a lot of computer work. I helped him to key in some data and then we went back home.

While I was helping my dad doing the work, I started realised how hard is it to earn money.
Eventhough it is time to go home, my dad insists on finishing his work.
And I realised how much he had sacrificed for us. Btw, my dad works in a bank.

I had the opportunity to play with the machine which count the money and the machine that is used to detect counterfeit notes.
Luckily there was very few ppl at that time.

Sometimes I tell my dad that i wanted to work in a bank, just like him.
Then my dad tell me, then you will have to be able to cope with stress and the rush.
Most importantly, the money.

I love money, who doesn't. LOL.

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