Monday, November 24, 2008

Going back..

Today is monday, while my two little sisters are still sleeping at home,
I have already dragged myself to college.

I know the lecturers are going to teach all the A2 stuff.
BUT.............I am so not in study mood.
Don't you think so?
Right after the torturing exam, we still have to fill our brain with more and harder stuff.
AHHHHHHH...Just don't feel like it.

I am so in holiday mood already.
What to do?
I still have to study hard as the next level is much harder than what I am doing right now.
May be for some people they think that it's easy, (IT'S NEVER EASY I TELL YOU.)
I still think that it's hard.
Nevermind, I will catch up soon..

The worst thing is, I've forgatten more that 70% of what I've learnt..gahhhhhhhh

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