Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Back. Grow Up. Graduated.

It has been a year since I blogged. May be it is the lack of interest to blog or I have found the right person for me to rant to. But everything has changed. Guess I just have to adapt myself.

Hate being a grown up. things seems to be so complicated. Why some ppl can be such a jackass? May be I hold on too much on my principles and I just couldn't accept certain facts that are against them. Well. One thing learnt. Mind my own business. This is an individualistic world. No one depends on others to live. You have to live on your own.

Received results on Sunday. Flying colours. I would say that it is within my expectation except for one unit. Thank god for that. Going to start my working life next week. I wonder how it would be like. I just hope for nice colleagues to work with.

Heard a shocking news this morning. I feel imbalance. Money is the root of all evils. Well said.

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Welcome to My Blog
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