Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Counting down the days....

Time flies.
My last paper will be on Thursday and I am done with this sem.
My sem in Australia.

It has been wonderful.
Nice culture, friendly ppl.
Except the weather. Haha.
I still miss the time when I can just sneak into my room and switch on the air-cond.
I miss the time when I don't have to look at the weather forecast before I go out.
I miss wearing short skirts without leggings or stockings.

Annoying much eh winter.
23 days to go. I will be back.
I will definitely miss here a lot!!
I miss walking out at night catching trains, buses and trams.
I will not be able to that anymore in Malaysia haha.
I miss the 15 mins walk to the bus loop everyday to go for class instead of driving car.
I miss all the good desserts here!!

Meanwhile, back to the preparation for my last paper.:)
Jia you!!!!

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