Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just us two:)

My little sister is finally going to college! Although it is nothing special but I am feeling very excited for her. Haha, sounds so mama-ish according to my sister.

Since we are going to wait for my sister to finish off her day, I decided to spend some time with my mom since I will leave her for 6 freaking months!

We ordered this hazelnut chocolate. Not bad but I think they put too much of cream.

This is a mini set which consists of a pasta and rice. I was still full at that time so I decided to just share with my mommy. Another reason, I AM ON DIET!

The potato salad is good. I love how the egg and potato blended together perfectly and also the sesame dressing. Yum yum!

Last but not least, the coco banana parfait. Not too sweet and healthy because there are a lot of banana slices.

Then we walked around Metrojaya to search for my dad's new shirt for CNY.
Bought one red polo tee with white stripes.

Btw, I love the little lanterns decoration in MV. Simple and Nice.:)

This is the pair of shoe that I bought. Casual and comfortable. Suitable for me during autumn:)

Till then,

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