Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The fourth day of new year.

It has been four days after the new year day.

All I did was wasting time at home. Haha

Not exactly.

Currently I am still in the preparation of getting stuff I need in australia.

Well, I do not want to bring a lot of things over because I knew that I would buy a lot of stuff from Australia. So I will just bring basic stuff.

Btw, Itouch 4 is my target for this year. I want to get one for two reasons.

Firstly my MP3 is broken. The battery will not be full no matter how long i charged and it will become very hot. And secondly I fell in love with this gadget after seeing one which my buddy has. muahaha..I am going to get it soon!!

Another thing that I would missed in Malaysia is my 21st birthday.
I would be spending it in Australia.

Well, I have thought of having a birthday party but since CNY is getting nearer, I don't think I could make one. Everyone is busy preparing haha.
So, I didn't expect much from this.
I think I will just had another ordinary celebration with my family and friends.:)

I will be flying in a month's time.

To be frank, I have mixed feelings. Feeling anxious and excited at the same time
I keep wondering how my life would be without my family besides me.

Everyone knows that I am someone who rely a lot on my family.
Well, this is one of my aims to study abroad.

To broaden my vision and also learn to live by myself.
I believe that it would be a great one:)

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