Friday, March 5, 2010

Disappointed, heart broken, sadness............

I was still very anticipating the days I am going to spend in other countries yesterday.
I even start to fantasize the life I am going to have over there.
But today, when the person in-charge told me that I can't go to Australia on the next semester,
to be honest, my heart really sanked. I was quite upset at that time. It's just that I don't want to show it out.

I know that I still have the chance to go next year but still.........
Do you know the feelings?
When you are anticipating something a lot, and all of a sudden someone told you that you can't do that. Do you know how disappointing it is?

GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am really very stressed up and confused right now.

So now I have a plan: either I go to australia for half year or I go to UK for a year or half a year for both countries.

BUT..............there is NO guarantee that I will get the offer.....:(

For now, I can't do anything right now except studying very very very hard to score well in my exam in order to raise the possibility of getting my application approved.



kak said...

dont feel sad yet..take this time to practice their accent and slang from movies or youtube'll help you a lot

xinyin said...

honey, dont be sad...i believe that u will make it to either of the exchange!!! let's work hard together!!! muakz muakz...

Shu Ling said...

aww suat wei.. I'm so sorry to hear this. Work hard and I'm sure you'll get the offer. XOXO Best Wishes from me.

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