Monday, November 22, 2010

Monash Ball 2010 --> Premiere, Lust of Diamonds

This is such a beautiful theme for Monash Ball 2010. Every year around this time, it will be a perfect time for the guys and the ladies to dress up in their very best outfit and glamor!

Let's the pictures do the talking haha..

Having my hair done:)

Ta-Da! Ready to go to the ball!

Group picture:
Top Left: Eli, Grace, Alice, Ryo
Bottom Left: Eric, Me, Xin Yin

The "newly-wed" haha

My deary!

Ian, Me, Xin Yin
Toilet pic....wakaka


The group pic


Bride and Groom of the day..haha

The girls:)


Alice dear:)

Pei Chee and Alice

Me, Grace and Xin Yin

Ritchie the joker..haha

Pei Chee:)

Me, Eric, Grace



Me, Eric

Me, Ian

As usual, I was unable to join them for an after party drinling session..sad sad:(

It was a wonderful night.
Hopefully we will be able to join the last graduation ball in 2012...a few months after we had left Monash:)

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