Saturday, October 9, 2010

Shopping vs traffic nightmare

After my commercial banking class yesterday, I went to mid Valley to meet up my mom and sis.

I was trapped in the massive traffic jam in mid Valley city for almost one hour ++ just to get into the parking..=.=

In addition, i spent another half an hour to get a parking.
It was Isetan Member's Sales yesterday, that's why...

Nonetheless it was worth to spend that long time in my car waiting
as i got myself plenty of stuff haha...

Here goes the stuff i got for myself:

4 blouses, three are floral-printed and one executive style plus the black satin pants

my favourite dress at the moment:) I just love floral motives on my clothes..
I am a romantic person!! LOL

Love the pattern:)

Exam is in two weeks time.. Time to pray hard and study hard..=.=

I hope that my application for the exchange to Australia Campus will be successful!

Off to study:)
Have a nice day..

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Welcome to My Blog
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