Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Famine 30

This is an very very old post..haha

This is the Famine 30 camp that I joined in August,
in which we starved for 30 hours and at the same time a lot of activities were available for us.

The first activity was some sort of "surviving-in-the-reality" game in which we had to "worked" to earn a living--->to get food vouchers.
Basically there are two kinds of job-->the illegal one and the legal one.

At night, we watched a movie which was about poverty. I was amazed that how Monash auditorium could turn out to be a comfortable cinema..haha

These pictures were taken before the camp started:

All were happy!

DANG~~~ See how tired were we after a whole day of activities plus sleeping outdoor in the campus...

The group pic:)

The girls~~~

Overall, it was a great experience as I truly learnt how to appreciate everything that i had plus I really did experienced the hardship of being in poverty.
This encourages me even more to be a better person and sought after a better living in the future..
Also, to help those in need.

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