Friday, October 30, 2009

It's just the beginning.

My exam will be starting from 4th of Nov till 13th Nov.

Thus, my dear readers might not be able to see me appear online that often anymore.

This is my first exam in university and I do not want to screw it up, obviously.

These are some fun facts about my university life:

  1. The number of hours that I'd spent in the library nowadays is significantly much more than the accumulated hours that I had during high school and college.

  2. I've never ever started that early on my preparation for examinations, which is more than one month before the exam date.

  3. The stress that I am having now is the double, the triple, the quadruple, the nth-ple that I had experienced from my previous study life.

  4. I dreamt more frequently about exams than I usually do. And the nightmares are still haunting me. (AAARGGH)

  5. The number of sleepless nights has increased.

  6. I use A LOT of papers. To do A LOT of exercises.

  7. My confidence level fluctuates all the times. It can be high for one moment and low for the next second. (I do not know what I am saying)

  8. The last but not least, university is making me crazy and I still love it. (WEIRDO!!!!!!!!!)

I am pretty sure that I can do well. I have high expectations. *crossing finger*

Wish me luck.

Back to Accounting.

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