Monday, May 12, 2008

Mommy, I LOVE You!!!!!!!

Sorry for the late post but i really don't have time on this special day itself as i reached home quite late.
Anyway, yesterday we celebrated Mother's Day at Parkroyal Hotel.
We have lunch at the restaurant there,
The food is really delicious and i ate a lot...
This explained why i didn't eat any food after the lunch....
Then we went to Pavillion to shop...
My mom was so happy that she bought two pairs of shoes for me..Haha *evil smile*
After the shopping, we went to the Liu Li exhibition..
Well Liu Li is a type of mineral that are made into sculpture...
After that, we went home.

Mommy, I really thank you for being who you are and is always there to support me and hold me...
I know sometimes I've made you heart broken, but i really didn't mean to do that...

I really love you mom...

You are the best~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!

Mommy and Me

These are the pictures i took from the exhibition.

These are my two pairs of shoes

That's for all....Have a nice day..:)

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